Attitudes To Brexit

There is no ignoring Brexit, no matter how much you might desperately want to and even try to. It is everywhere all the time at the moment and is likely to be for quite a while. But there has been a major evolution of attitudes and emotions over the past two years since the Brexit referendum. These changes have been most extreme in the past twelve months. The spitting fury of Remainers this time last year has almost evaporated with the exception of some committed members of the House Of Lords in Westminster who keep trying to defy the democratically elected House Of Commons. Possibly that general lack of emotion is because you cannot live your life in a permanent state of rage against the machine. Even if you are the machine. 

We Brits living in continental Europe have pretty much gone to sleep about the topic. We assume that the countries that we are in will continue to be happy to take our money, whether it be from the taxes we pay or the money that we spend. It is not just the best escort Palma de Mallorca has to provide who make good money in places such as Spain. The average ex pat in France, Spain and Italy is quite wealthy by the standards of the local economy, and even those involved in the sex industry – which is totally legal in Spain, for example – are, believe it or not, more law abiding and likely to pay the taxes and local fees than the locals. The cliché of the whole of Southern Europe being mildly and corrupt at every level is a cliché for a reason. The fact that it is true.

That fury that was there even a year ago has been supplanted by an almost palpable weariness about the whole process. Brexit has ground us down with its toxic mixture of inertia, ignorance and impotence. There is little energy left for the fight and even less for finger jabbing at the Leavers. So the best and most British approach is to just have a good old fashioned laugh at the topic with a few jokes that have appeared as a result of the decision of the Great British Public to leave the EU, and hope for the best.

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