Type of Clients : A Survey from random Escort Girls

London escorts are highly sought after by clients and why not they are the perfect embodiment of the concept of “Beauty with brains.” Not only are these girls absolutely stunning, but they also have various other facets to their personality. They are smart, intelligent, educated, cultured and responsible ladies who are working in this profession to earn some extra income to take care of their expenses while they are pursuing their studies. They are always willing to take care of the various needs of the clients and are open to new ideas as well. This makes them a perfect companion that anyone could hope for.

London receives visitors from many different countries who are here for their business, employment or travel needs. All these men and women have different traits and personalities but have one common motto to have a great time in London. There is no better way to enjoy in this great city than in the company of beautiful Elite escorts in London.

As all these men and women have different habits and personality traits,but the experienced & High Class London escorts handle all of them deftly and offer an unforgettable experience to them. Based on a survey of 10 different girls, here are the different types of clients that they have encountered in their professional lives. All the names have been changed for privacy purpose.

  1. Young teenagers: According to Letty, “I love being with teenagers. They are buzzing with curiosity and are driven crazy by their hormones. Everything is new for them,and they are still exploring their sexuality,and for once in a while, it feels nice to have fun with someone your age.”
  2. Married Men: Debra asserted that a large number of her clients are married men, who are not cheating on their wives (that’s what they say!). They just want to rekindle the lost flame and want to make love to a woman who is younger and attractive.
  3. Travelers: Martha, whose apartment is near the airport road, says that a large number of her clients are travelers from other countries, who just want someone to accompany them and help them take care of their loneliness.
  4. Businessmen: Berta, an elite London escort, says that she loves going out with businessmen. They are thorough gentlemen, take her to new places, to fine restaurants and even on international holidays. She just absolutely loves being with them.
  5. Couples: Nina has had numerous kinky experiences, but she says nothing compares to a threesome with a couple. These are couples who are much in love and just want to have a new experience to keep the passion going. It is rather fun being with them, she says.
  6. Depressed men: Lita said that “Most of my clients are single depressed men who are either homesick or just feeling lonely. They just want someone to accompany them, listen to them and take care of their needs.”
  7. Girls: Rita, a bi-sexual escort, finds that nowadays a lot of girls and women are soliciting her services as they are trying to find their sexuality and get the taste of independence. A lot of married women are also seeking her services.


So, one can indeed find an elite escort in London according to their preferences and have the time of their lives, with no strings attached.

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